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Ferrari SF90 Spider

Rent Ferrari SF90 Stradale

possesses a hybrid architecture enchufable in the internal combustion engine integrated with two electric motors in the front, which includes the RAC-e system (Cornering Angle Regulator Electric ) and the MGUK (Unidad de Generador de Motor, Cinética - Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic in English), which received its name and its origin from a specific innovation of the Prancing Horse in Formula 1. The synergy between the internal combustion engine and the electric motors releases a maximum of 1,000 HP, positioning the SF90 Spider not only at the top of its category but also within the Maranello range.


Gear box:            Automatic

Power:                1000 Hp

Seats:                  2

Doors:                 2

Fuel:                   Hybrid

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