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Terms of use & Privacy Policy


1.- Object of the contract: the object of this contract is the rental without driver of the vehicle described in the special conditions, for the private transport of passengers and their luggage. The lessee must always keep a copy of the contract in the rental vehicle.
2.- Rental period: the rental period is that indicated in the particular conditions, where the date and time of delivery and the return date are specified in full. The return of the vehicle before the end of this period does not entitle the lessee to a refund or reduction of the amount of the price to be paid or already paid, or of the amount paid as an insurance premium. Ibiza Best Car reserves the right to collect the vehicle from the lessee at any time, with the sole obligation to reimburse any remaining balance in his favor for amounts already paid according to the stipulations in the contract or to replace the vehicle with one of equal characteristics.
3.- Extension of the contract: if the lessee wishes to extend the rental period initially agreed, he must expressly and in writing notify Ibiza Best Car at least 24 hours before the stipulated expiry date. The minimum extension period must be at least 1 day (24 hours). The conditions of the extension will be identical to those stipulated in the original contract and the tenant undertakes to pay the related proportional amount based on the rate in force in the season / s in which it is requested. If the contract is not extended or if it is extended after the expiration date, you will have to pay the amount relating to the rental days that have elapsed and a surcharge of € 60.00 will be applied for each day of delay. The extension of this period is however voluntary for Ibiza Best Car, which may in any case request the return of the vehicle at the end of the stipulated period. 4.- Failure to return the vehicle within the stipulated terms: if the vehicle is not returned at the end of the stipulated period or extension, the relative complaint will be presented against the lessee with immediate effect.
5.- Delivery and return: it takes place at the Ibiza Best Car facilities indicated in this contract and in any case within the agreed rental deadline. Any return made subsequently will be sanctioned within the terms provided in the third clause of this contract, ie € 60 per day plus the rental amount based on the current rate. The delivery or return of the vehicle after office opening hours (from 08:00 to 21:00) implies a mandatory surcharge of € 39.00 for the service. If the vehicle is returned or abandoned in a public car park during office opening hours, the customer must bear the cost of such parking in addition to € 90.00 as a vehicle recovery fee. The use of the vehicle after the end of the rental period or its extension is considered a non-permitted use pursuant to the twelfth clause of this contract.
6.- In case of breakdown or accident occurring outside the agreed rental period, the lessee is directly responsible for the payment of damages, repairs and expenses related to the rented vehicle.
7.- Prices and tariffs: the prices of the contracts will adapt to the current tariffs, exposed and available to the public at the premises of the lessor and / or on the website, the content of which the lessee expressly declares to know before signing this contract, in particular those relating to the type of vehicle and the contract method chosen. All prices are expressed in euros. The price does not include fuel. Our rate includes a limited mileage of 150 km for each day of rental, compulsory insurance legally stipulated under Spanish law. Excess mileage is billed at € 5.00 / Km.
8.- Insurance: CDW basic insurance: the basic insurance includes a deductible for damages according to the segment or category of the vehicle, as indicated below: Deductible and / or deposit of: € 600.00 for EBMR groups, MBMR, ECMR, MBAR, EDAR. € 750.00 for CDMR, CKMR, CVMR, CDAR, CWAR, IBMR, HDMD, CXMR, IDMR, IDAR, IVMR, SGMR, MTMR, MTAR, ETMR, CFMR, CSAR groups. € 900.00 for SDMR, FVMR, FXMR, FXAR groups. € 1,500.00 for SDAR, FWMR, SDAR groups. € 2,500.00 for the SFMR, SFAR groups. € 3,500.00 for SXAR, PFAR, XFAR groups. € 6,000.00 for LXAR groups. Civil liability with mandatory and voluntary subscription up to € 50,000,000, individual accidents and legal defense.
Optional insurance: CAR roadside assistance insurance: with the stipulation of this insurance you will not have to bear the costs of tow trucks and change or replacement of the vehicle in the event of an accident. This item appears in the contract by default and it is the driver's obligation to exclude it if he is not interested in it. The amount of this surcharge amounts to € 10 - € 30 for each contract depending on the vehicle category. Tires and Crystals (CGT): with the stipulation of this insurance the customer does not have to worry about any damage to the windows and tires, as these are the most subject to unforeseen events during use. The improper use of the same is not included. The amount of this surcharge amounts to € 5 - € 10 for each day of rental, depending on the vehicle category. Total Insurance (SCDW): with the stipulation of this additional extension, the customer is exempted from paying the deposit. The stipulation of this extra does not include tire and glass coverage (CGT), nor roadside assistance. The amount of this supplement amounts to € 9 - € 18 for each day of rental, depending on the vehicle category. General Exclusions: All the above insurances do not include damage to the lower parts of the vehicle, oil sump, clutch, gearbox, vehicle roof, upholstery, mirrors, damage to upholstery, tires (included only in the CGT Tires and Crystals supplement) , windows and / or glasses (included only in the CGT Tires and Crystals supplement), incorrect fuel refueling, removable vehicle components (antenna, platforms, GPS, multimedia cards, ashtrays, lighters or other electronic devices), loss or breakage of keys , loss or breakage of antennas, failures resulting from improper use, defects of options, excess dirt, three levels of dirt (examples: sand and the like 30 € - vomit or other 90 € or parts to be replaced as they cannot be recovered due to dirt according to the manufacturer's tariff + labor), copy of documentation 30 €, safety kit (warning triangle and vests), anti-theft devices, alloy wheels, missing no headrest, lack of luggage platform, child seats and adapters, roadside assistance and tow truck (included only in the CAR), replacement of the vehicle in case of failure (included only in the CAR). None of the insurance methods will cover damage caused to the insured vehicle due to: wars, disasters and natural phenomena (hail, wind and more), terrorism, riot or riot, interventions by the bodies and the state security forces, participation in tenders, driving without a license or driving permit, or without the authorization of the lessor, transfer of the vehicle to third parties, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or narcotic substances. Such damages are borne by the lessee. The insurance does not in any case cover personal items left, stored or transported inside the vehicle. For this reason, it is recommended NOT TO LEAVE ANY OBJECT INSIDE THE VEHICLE AND MAKE SURE IT IS ALWAYS LOCKED.
9.- In the event of an accident or a criminal act (see point 11) committed against the vehicle, the lessee is obliged to:
to. Immediately report the incident to the police.
b. Fill in the official Accident Statement form located inside the vehicle, indicating at least the registration number, the name and address of the counterparty, as well as the name of the insurance company and, if possible, the number of insurance policy.
c. In a concise and precise manner, describe the incident and possibly note the name of the witnesses.
d. Do not prejudice or acknowledge any responsibility for the accident.
is. Do not leave the vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect it against further damage, leaving it closed and without obstructing traffic.
e. Do not leave the vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect it against further damage, leaving it closed and without obstructing traffic.
f. Immediately report the accident to Ibiza Best Car by calling the emergency telephone: +34 607.016.409 or +34 633.462.881. In the event of an accident or criminal act, Ibiza Best Car is not obliged to offer the lessee another rental vehicle. If Ibiza Best Car agrees to replace the vehicle with another, the customer must pay for a new rental in the current conditions and in force at that time. Ibiza Best Car will receive € 60 for management of the practices relating to the report / accident reports.
10- Termination Condition: In the event of damage to the rented vehicle, in the event of reckless and dangerous driving, in the event that the tenant does not comply with current traffic regulations, this contract is automatically terminated, the possession of said vehicle is transmitted in the same way to IBIZA BEST CAR. The return of the vehicle before the end of the contract period due to damage to the vehicle does not entitle the lessee to a refund or reduction of the amount of the price to be paid or already paid, or of the amount paid as an insurance premium.
11.- Examples of criminal acts committed against the vehicle are:
Theft or theft of the vehicle, theft or theft of external or internal parts of the vehicle such as wheels, tires or seats. Burglary with damage to windows or bodywork. Vandalism against the vehicle. The above list has been drawn up purely by way of example, but is not exhaustive.
12.- Unauthorized use of the vehicle:
It is the tenants' obligation to use the vehicle with due diligence, based on its characteristics, respecting the current legislation on the circulation of motor vehicles and avoiding any situation that could cause damage to the vehicle or to third parties. It is also the tenant's obligation not to allow driving to persons other than those authorized under this contract, as the tenant is directly responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or to third parties in this circumstance. Any failure to comply with the provisions of this paragraph will be considered unauthorized use. The lessee is fully liable for damage caused to internal and external parts of the vehicle due to unauthorized use of the same. In case of unauthorized use of the vehicle, the lessee is obliged to pay all costs arising from such damage. The aforementioned amount will be charged to the tenant's credit card, reducing the amount of the deposit, or in cash, with the tenant's acceptance from this moment. The signing of the lessees of the rental agreement is considered acceptance of the rental conditions set out in this agreement. In the event of a claim in court, the lessee must pay all costs arising from this procedure, lawyers, attorneys and court costs, even if its intervention is not procedurally obligatory. Unauthorized use includes, but is not limited to the following cases, mentioned by way of example: • Pushing or towing any other vehicle. • Circulation in places unsuitable for public transport, such as beaches, car circuits, etc. • Circulation in streets or driving that could involve damage to the lower parts / carter of the vehicle. • Negligent behavior in the event of warning lights or warning signs of the dashboard of the vehicle that the lessee declares to know at the time of signing this contract. • The transport of goods or animals inside the vehicle. • The transport of persons or goods which, directly or indirectly, involve the payment of a price to the lessee. • Subletting the vehicle. • Carrying more people or more luggage than those authorized for the vehicle based on the number of seat belts (see price list). • Carrying baggage on top of the vehicle (use of roof racks is not authorized) • Leave objects in sight in the vehicle. • Dirt the inside of the vehicle. • Driving the vehicle when tired, sick or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drugs. • Rash driving. • Driving contrary to traffic regulations. • Driving the rented vehicle by

of persons not authorized in the contract, whether they are renters or additional drivers • Driving the vehicle outside the island for which the contract was signed. Use of the vehicle after the rental period has ended. SMOKING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN INSIDE THE VEHICLE. Any breach of this obligation will give rise to the damages stipulated in the official table.
13.- Driver (s): the renter must be of legal age and hold a driving license valid for at least 1 year at the time of the rental of the vehicle. Drivers who have not had a driving license for more than 3 years are considered as beginners and must pay a supplement of € 7.00 per day up to a maximum of € 70.00 per contract. There is also a special supplement for drivers over 70 years of age and for drivers under 25 years of age, equal to € 7.00 per day up to a maximum of € 70.00 for each contract. . Any additional drivers must be authorized by Ibiza Best Car, they must meet the same requirements as the tenant and their names must be indicated in the contract. Additional drivers must sign the rental agreement together with the renter. The additional conductor implies a surcharge of 5.00 € per day.

14. Joint and several liability: All tenants and / or authorized drivers are jointly and severally liable for all obligations of the lessee arising from this contract and by virtue of the laws applicable to it.
15. Loss of keys and vehicle documents: in case of loss, the costs relating to new copies are charged to the lessee according to the official damage table, available to the customer at the offices of Ibiza Best Car, the content of which the lessee declares to know. In case of loss of vehicle documents, a surcharge of € 30 will be applied for replacement.

16. Objects found on board: the renter must empty the vehicle of his personal belongings. Ibiza Best Car is not responsible for any items found on board the vehicle. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any object found inside the vehicle can be sent to the lessee upon express request of the same. Ibiza Best Car will apply in this case a minimum price of € 15.00 for the management of the shipment of the items, in addition to the shipping costs that are fully borne by the tenant. The total amount must be paid in advance by the Ibiza Best Car tenant.

17.- Traffic offenses: the renter is responsible for the immediate payment of the fines due to any infringement of the law during the rental period. The renter must inform Ibiza Best Car of any fines imposed on the vehicle or driver during the period of the disposal of the vehicle. Ibiza Best Car will always apply, by way of notification and management of the notification of fines, € 50.00 for each penalty imposed on the renter. The payment of fines is not included in any insurance that can be stipulated, with or without a supplement. If the authorities hold the vehicle due to an act or omission on the part of the renter, regardless of the cause, the latter is responsible and must reimburse Ibiza Best Car for all expenses caused by this circumstance.

18.- Fuel Policy: all deliveries of hired vehicles are made with a full tank to its maximum capacity. For this, the customer must pay a supplement for logistical and management services according to what is established in clause 19. According to what is established in the particular conditions of the reservation, the methods, payments or deposits as payment of the amount of fuel contained in the tank based on the lessor's current rates (see the tables in force). The possible conditions agreed at the time of booking are as follows:

- Full / Empty: the customer must pay at the moment of the actual delivery of the vehicle the amount of the value of the fuel contained in the tank and the non-refundable refueling services established in clause 19. No refund will be made for the excess fuel left in the tank at the actual conclusion of the rental.
- Full / Refund: the customer must pay at the moment of the actual delivery of the vehicle the amount of the non-refundable refueling services established in clause 19. The vehicle is delivered with the tank full to its maximum capacity and upon return of the same the amount used will be invoiced on the basis of the rate in force at the time of the rental (see the tables in force).

- Full / Full: the vehicle is delivered with a full tank to its maximum capacity without advance payment. At the end of the rental, the customer must completely refill the tank and return it full to its maximum capacity. Otherwise he will have to pay for the missing fuel and the refueling service established in clause 19. The customer can change the fuel policy mode at the time of booking, choosing the one he prefers (Full / Empty - Full / Refund - Full / Full ), as well as an extra called Fuel Premium. The lessee must refuel with the appropriate fuel. The consequences of refueling with an incorrect fuel are not covered by any insurance offered and involve a direct surcharge of between € 280 and € 1,250 depending on the model and the damage caused.

19.- Additional services. We offer the option of stipulating the following personalized services:
19.1 Home delivery (Door to Door) price from 20 € to 120 €
19.2 Priority assistance (Speedy Check In) from € 10 to € 20
19.3 Extras and options: GPS 5 € per day, BabySeat 5 € per day, Booster 5 € per day, Maxi Cosi 7 € per day, Open Roof 3 € per day, guaranteed diesel vehicle 2 € per day.

19.4 Premium Customer Special Conditions.
20.- Services on delivery: all vehicles, before their actual delivery, are checked, prepared and are in perfect conditions of use, storage and

cleaning. As consideration for this service, Ibiza Best Car will receive an additional amount (non-refundable) depending on the rented group, established according to the following table:
15 € for groups (MBMR, EBMR, MBAR, IBMR, MTMR, MTAR)

€ 30 for groups (FXMR, FXAR, FWMR)
50 € for groups (SXAR, PFAR, XFAR, LXAR)
21. Vehicle maintenance: The lessee receives the vehicle in perfect condition and must keep it in good condition. Repairs in the workshop or replacement of parts can only be carried out after obtaining the express and written authorization of Ibiza Best Car. No repair costs will be reimbursed unless prior consent and acceptance by Ibiza Best Car of the quote and the workshop carrying out the repair. In the absence of such written consent, it is the tenant's sole responsibility to pay such costs, both for labor and for spare parts.

22.- Payment: All services must be paid in advance. Ibiza Best Car will establish a deposit for the rental based on the deductibles indicated in point 8. The times for returning the deposit or other deposits and guarantees can vary between 14 and 31 days, according to the customer's bank. Ibiza Best Car accepts most credit and debit cards, taking into account the following specificities: Payment by VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. Payment with American Express (AMEX) implies a 4% surcharge per transaction. This card cannot be used to pay for a full tank of fuel. Payment by debit card implies a surcharge of € 6 for each operation up to a maximum of € 18 for each contract. Payment by bank transfer: implies a surcharge of € 3, must be made at least 72 hours before the actual delivery of the vehicle. Cash payment: must be made directly at the cash desk. If you choose this payment method and renounce any type of risk insurance, the customer is obliged to deposit the deposit by credit card, as payment in cash is not permitted. If the customer decides to renounce any type of insurance, he expressly accepts to pay the damages caused to the vehicle during the rental period.

23. The lessee expressly accepts that the rented vehicle is identified with the logo and advertising of Ibiza Best Car, the leasing company, undertaking to keep the relevant stickers on the vehicle throughout the rental period. As consideration, a direct rebate on the rental price was applied to the contract. Failure by the tenant to comply with this obligation implies the return of the discount applied, without prejudice to damages for the removal of the stickers from the vehicle.

24. Framework agreement: these conditions have the character of a framework contract, being applicable to all contracts stipulated by the same tenant with Ibiza Best Car. The special conditions attached to it, duly signed, are also an integral part of the contract and as such are required to comply.
25. Privacy Policy: pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, and pursuant to art. 5 of the aforementioned legal text, we inform you that both the personal data provided and your photograph will be included in a File called Customer File registered with the AEPD (State Data Protection Agency), owned by Ibiza Best Car pitiusas S.L. as File Manager, based in Avda Pedro Matutes Noguera, 105 - 07800 Ibiza for the purpose of carrying out vehicle and commercial rental activities. You can exercise your rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation by requesting it in writing and proving your identity by contacting the Ibiza Best Car pitiusas S.L. at the address mentioned above.

26. Taxes: all prices indicated in the rates include the 21% Value Added Tax. All this without prejudice to OTHER TAXES that the competent authorities may possibly establish, the amount of which must be paid at the time of signing the contract.
27. Jurisdiction and applicable law: this contract is governed by Spanish law. The parties attribute competence expressly to the
Courts of Ibiza, with express waiver of any forum that may possibly be theirs.

28.- Cancellation policy: cancellations notified up to 15 days before the actual delivery date of the vehicle are free. If the cancellation notification exceeds the maximum limit of 15 days prior to the actual delivery date of the vehicle, Ibiza Best Car will charge the customer 30% of the total amount of the reservation. If the customer does not show up on the day set for the delivery of the vehicle or does not notify the cancellation within 72 hours prior to the actual delivery date, he will be charged 100% of the booking amount. Cancellation notifications must be sent only in writing to the following email addresses:

29. TRANSLATION: the translations of these general conditions are purely informative and have no binding legal character in all points of their drafting, as only the Spanish version is valid.

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